Pricing Per Square Inch/long arm quilting pricing


Pricing Per Square Inch

Calculate the area of the quilt by measuring the length and width in inches. Multiply that for the square inch total. (Ex. 60” x 80” =4800 square inches)   

Multiply the square inches by the price. (Ex. 4800 x .015= $72.00)  

Price List

Guidelines: Delivering Your Quilt To Me


Quilt top clean and pressed well

The points and extra threads should be clipped and removed. Trim quilt top and square up to its final size.

Quilt Back Pressed


I can press the quilt top or backing for $10.



I can ship via USPS or UPS with insurance for the first $100.

If more insurance is required, it can be added to the total. Shipping estimate will be given before costs are applied. If you ship quilt to me, please package in a plastic bag within the box.